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About us

vanilla buttercream confetti cupcake

Based in Buckinghamshire, Hello Cupcake was born as a result of a conversation around our kitchen table, having watched yet another batch of freshly baked cupcakes disappearing before they’d even had a chance to cool.

I had sent a few homemade cakes through the post for family birthdays which always seemed to go down very well. It dawned on us that as most people seem to love a homemade cake, we’d have a go at sending all singing and dancing cupcakes through the post to see how they fared.

Everyone we spoke to seemed to think it was a great idea in principle, if we could get the cupcakes to arrive in a fantastic condition. A good number of cupcakes were posted out to test the idea, and in the early days, a lot of them popped through the letterbox thoroughly squashed and bashed. But we eventually came across a formula which works, resulting in a delicious homemade cupcake, aptly presented for any occasion designed to make someone’s day. So far, from the feedback we’ve had, it looks like we might be right!

We hope you and your family and friends enjoy them.

Jane :)